Meditation Poem: Glorious

Scott Robinson // March 2nd, 2021


Another day dawns

Hopes and dreams awaken once more


Another spring is born

It suggests a future of Light


Another vow spoken

Integrity still alive


Another heartbeat

The reality of the manifest


Another being comes into body

The journey continues


Another sun ray

Another dewdrop

Another morning breeze

Another glance to the sky


And Source showers down on all

With glorious abundance


Step-By-Step Evolution

Scott Robinson // March 2nd, 2021

An excerpt from the book, Navigation, by Scott Robinson

It may be hard for you to notice that your own spiritual evolution is happening.

Sometimes there are great leaps, but most of the time it is a steady, step-by-step process. Everything in your reality is part of the path. All of it has value. You have choice about how you handle it. Nothing ever goes wrong.


Meditation Poem: All Just Is

Scott Robinson // January 17th, 2021

Beneath the crashing waves
The still ocean

Beneath the blowing branches
The tranquil earth

Beneath the joy and sadness
The neutrality

Beneath the noisy crowd
The simple quiet

Beneath the drama
The contentment

Beneath the analyzer
The serenity

As I walk through the world

The sun warms my back

Wind and rain touch my face

Judgment is replaced by peace

And all
Just is

Everything is Energy

Scott Robinson // August 23rd, 2020

An edited excerpt from the book, ‘The Journey is the Goal’, by Scott Robinson

Everything is energy. And there are unlimited frequencies of energy.

Sunlight vibrates at a specific frequency. The Earth has a unique frequency. Humans vibrate at different frequencies than trees.

Even within your own body you have a huge variety of vibrations. Your heart vibrates at a different frequency than your lungs, for example.

When you learn to meditate, you learn to manage your own energy — your own vibration.

Is Your Decision From Fear or Love?

Scott Robinson // July 21st, 2020

An excerpt from the book, ‘The Journey is the Goal’, by Scott Robinson

On a core level, every decision you make in your life comes either from a place of love or fear.

If a decision is made truly from a place of love, it will always be on your direct spiritual path, and of integrity.

No one makes every decision from a place of love, but the more you do, the more direct your path to freedom.

The Moment Is All There Is And All Moments Are Equal

Scott Robinson // May 19th, 2020

An excerpt from the book, ‘The Journey is the Goal’, by Scott Robinson


When you get neutral and get out of judgment with your reality, you realize that every moment has equal value. There are no moments more significant than any other moments. Walking down the street and winning an award both have the same level of value.

When one truly gets spiritually present, every moment becomes rich and beautiful and deep, no matter what that particular moment is.

Can you have this moment? Can you enjoy your life? If not what are you waiting for?

When you truly move into an experience of the present moment, you naturally move into a state of bliss. You are not comparing the moment to any future event or any past event. It is already whole and rich and everything.

Finding the Gift Within

Scott Robinson // April 21st, 2020

An excerpt from the book, ‘The Journey is the Goal’, by Scott Robinson

In every situation in life, no matter how challenging or painful, there is always a gift of learning for you.  The task of the Spiritual Warrior is to find the gift and then to truly receive it. It is often painful to look directly at an event in your life, especially something that has a lot of charge around it, but it is important to try and find the inherent learning. As you walk your spiritual path, this is a powerful way to continue to move forward.

One of the keys to being able to find the gift within — the particular piece, the gift for you — is to be neutral, to be out of judgment. You have to be able to look at these things without viewing them as right or wrong or good or bad. You have to transcend the idea that something should or should not have taken place, and know that as Spirit, you created the situation very specifically, in order to get a piece of information.

If you are able to see something from a place of neutrality you will acknowledge there is a specific reason why it occurred. There will be crucial learning in it for you. The question is whether you can receive the gift. Whatever takes place will redirect your life in a way that is entirely appropriate, if you can receive what is happening to you and not go into resistance to it. Getting the learning requires that you let go of previous plans, concepts, ideas and visions of the way life is supposed to be, and go with what is being presented to you. If you can see the gift and receive it, you will get the piece of information and learn from it, and your life will be blessed by this event.

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Scott Robinson

In 1995, after years of spiritual study, Scott founded Lightwork Spiritual Development, of which he is the Spiritual Director. Since 1995 he has been teaching intensively.

Scott believes that on a core level every spiritual teacher of integrity is teaching the same thing, because the core spiritual principles never change. However, there are unlimited ways to express these principles, and every spiritual teacher and practice has its own unique flavour. Finding a flavour that one likes is the task of the seeker.

Scott is also an artist, musician and poet, and has traveled the world extensively. He feels his purpose is to be on his spiritual path and to assist others on their path. His teaching is safe and supportive with amusement and integrity.

Alison Cretney

Alison has been practicing Lightwork meditation since 2007. As a certified Lightwork teacher, she offers classes suitable to first-time meditators or anyone who has practiced other meditation styles. You can attend her classes in beautiful Nelson, BC, or by phone or Skype.

Alison has found Lightwork's clarity, ease and potency to be transformative in all aspects of her life including parenting, work, relationships and stress.

She has a Masters in Strategic Leadership Toward Sustainability which she applies in collaborative projects seeking solutions for climate change.

Julia Watson

Julia offers meditation and consulting services for organizations and individuals.

She started her conscious spiritual journey in her mid-twenties but it wasn’t until she came across Lightwork in 2002 that she found a meditation practice that really worked for her.

Julia completed Lightwork’s seven levels of training in 2010. She has been joyfully teaching meditation classes and offering private energy readings since then.

She was previously the Program Director at Hollyhock (Canada’s leading educational retreat centre), the Director of Operations at Communicopia Internet, and a producer of the Web of Change conference.

Julia received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in 1994. She received a permaculture design certificate in 2000.

Julia Thiessen

Julia started taking Lightwork classes by phone from Winnipeg in 2004. The classes rocked her world so thoroughly she moved to Vancouver to continue her meditation studies, eventually graduating from Lightwork's most advanced program, 'Level 7: The Apprenticeship' in 2012.

Her move to the West Coast allowed her to become involved in the Lightwork Ecovillage, where she continues to deepen her meditation practice and learn life lessons ( really can grow kale year round!).

Julia is a certified Lightwork Teacher. She offers Lightwork Level 1 and Level 2 classes for beginners, as well as private energy reading sessions.

She brings creativity to the Lightwork administration team, and manages two annual meditation retreats: the summer '9-Day Dharma Healing', and 'Winter Light Week'.

She has an intuitive and studied understanding of all things green, arising from her work in therapeutic gardening at BC Children's Hospital and other locations around Vancouver.

Cathy Belgrave

When Cathy signed up for her first Lightwork class, she entered brand new territory. Coming from a scientific background, meditation was well outside her normal repertoire but she felt compelled to try it.

Without even being able to describe how, she shifted perceptions in all parts of her life and began making decisions that decreased stress. Encouraged, she thought she would keep meditating until it no longer felt like a fit. That day never came. She’s now a committed Lightwork practitioner and teacher.

Cathy offers Lightwork Level 1, Level 2, private classes and energy reading-healings. She blends her passions for writing, teaching and meditation by offering creative writing workshops for children and adults.

Darci Rosalie

Darci discovered Lightwork meditation in her last month of nursing school. She realized she wanted a totally new way of coping with stress, rather than relying on old, unhealthy habits.

So she turned down a fancy job in California with a big signing bonus and season’s tickets to her favourite football team. Instead she registered for Lightwork's beginners class and never looked back.

Throughout her healing journey Darci has witnessed how meditation has the power to shift tough situations and heal what needs healing.

Her favorite thing about being a Lightwork teacher is the simplicity and presence of being in the moment. The big and small of the universe come into focus and make room for significant awareness and healing.

Darci graduated from the Lightwork Apprenticeship program in March 2014. She offers energy reading sessions and meditation classes in a loving, supportive environment.

Tiffany Robinson

Tiffany has been studying meditation intensively since 2007. She is a certified Lightwork meditation teacher and a graduate of Lightwork's most advanced program, the three-year Level 7: Apprenticeship Program.

Tiffany sits on the Lightwork Ecovillage Board of Directors, and splits her time between Vancouver and the Lightwork Ecovillage on Gambier Island with her husband Scott and his daughter Cloe.

Her classes are open to teens and adults.

Jacqueline Voci

Jacqueline first learned to meditate as an antidote to stress and a crazy-busy lifestyle in the tech and PR industries. As she gradually made it part of her daily routine, an entirely new way of experiencing life emerged.

In March 2014, she completed Lightwork’s two-year meditation teacher program and began its most immersive course, a three-year apprenticeship to founder, Scott Robinson.

Jacqueline teaches Lightwork's beginner classes (Levels 1 & 2) and offers meditation workshops for companies and organizations. She has hosted workshops for the Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education, UBC Faculty of Medicine, BC Cancer Research Centre and BCIT Student Association.

She is also a writer and communications consultant.

Elizabeth Stevenson

Elizabeth decided to give Lightwork a try in 2010, after observing a friend's Lightwork journey. Deciding it was a fit, she took classes from her hometown of Victoria by phone for six years. She then packed up and moved to Vancouver to continue her studies, completing Lightwork's Level 6 Teacher Training Program in 2017.

Meditation has helped Elizabeth let go of fears and embrace all aspects of herself. She's excited that teaching now gives her the chance to offer the Lightwork techniques to other people.

Prior to Lightwork, Elizabeth completed a B.A. in anthropology, and certifications in community counselling and permaculture. Music has always been an important part of her life. She enjoys singing opera and jazz, and offering vocal improv classes.

Leslie Dickout

Leslie took her first Lightwork meditation class by phone in 2012 while living in the busy city of New York. She was awestruck by the simplicity of the tools she learned, and how they helped her let go of old patterns. She knew she wanted to learn more.

In 2018 she completed Lightwork’s two-year meditation teacher program, and she began a three-year apprenticeship to founder Scott Robinson that same year.

Now settled in Vancouver and enjoying a much simpler life, Leslie offers Lightwork Level 1 and Level 2 classes, as well as private energy reading-healings.

She also works in communications at BC Recreation & Parks Association.

Zhenya Andriyash

Zhenya started taking Lightwork meditation classes in the fall of 2012 while living in New York City and working for a bank. Meditation was his way of dealing with stress-filled workplace and hectic city life.

While taking Lightwork's Next Step program, he moved to Vancouver to lead a quieter, healthier life with a focus on his spiritual development.

As of now, Zhenya is a part of the Apprenticeship program at Lightwork. He offers beginner Lightwork classes(Level 1 and 2), as well as reading-healing sessions.

Having a job in the tech sector, Zhenya finds his meditation practice to be essential for having wellness and balance in his life.